Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Galaxy S7 could be here earlier than expected

The Galaxy S7 could be here earlier than expected

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones that Samsung unveiled earlier this year don't seem to be selling too well, but the South Korean multinational has a plan - bring out the Galaxy S7 earlier.

Asian sources quoted by SamMobile suggest the company has been able to speed up the production process for its handsets, and that could lead to a cycle that's one or two months shorter. In fact, we could see a new phone at the very start of 2016.

The old process - codenamed 'Waterfall' - has reportedly been replaced with a new one, codenamed 'Agile'. It apparently takes a more modular approach that lets Samsung's engineers work on multiple parts simultaneously.

Race to market

The new strategy also means Samsung can quickly change direction if one feature isn't working out or proving viable. Again, the idea is to minimise delays and disruption as much as possible.

While the original source for the SamMobile story isn't the most reputable, it sounds like a plausible change of tack for Samsung as it looks to keep up with the Apple juggernaut. If true, it could shake up the market for all of the manufacturers involved.

It's early days yet for Galaxy S7 rumours but we do think it's going to have a much better camera. We also have some thoughts of our own on what next year's flagship device should look like.

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