Thursday, August 6, 2015

15 Harrowing Photos Show The Weight Of Discrimination

Facing discrimination every day is a tiring, never-ending battle that all too often goes unnoticed. 

Two photographers are shedding light on these prejudices in a new project.  

Created by Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans, the "I'm Tired" project highlights the negative impacts that result from different stereotypes. The photos feature people of all ethnicities and genders with a phrase written on their backs. Each phrase reflects an assumption or stereotype that they're "tired" of hearing. 


"I'm tired of being the angry black woman."

"I'm tired of being told I'm too skinny for a guy." 

"I'm tired of men thinking they have the right to catcall me." 

The series deals with stereotypes of different identities including race, gender, sexuality and body image.

"Growing up, in a mostly Caucasian area, I had not [realized] until I was much older that the image of a black boy or man is often one of anger or aggression."  

"When we are able to relate to a picture on a deeply personal level, it brings about almost a feeling of camaraderie because there is someone out there who understands exactly how you feel and has been able to articulate in a way that hopefully informs many others," co-creator of the project Paula Akpan told The Huffington Post.   

After photographing each participant, Akpan and Evans asked them to explain their feelings in more detail in a written paragraph below their image.  

Evans told HuffPost that they chose to write each "I'm tired" sentiment on the participants' backs because it "means that it could be anyone saying it. Your postman, your best friend, or a complete stranger."


"What is important to both Paula and myself is that someone is able to look at at least one of the pictures and either say 'someone else is going through this too, it's not just me, I am not alone,'" Evans said. "Or for them to have their minds opened to the discrimination that they may not normally bear witness to, or may not have considered in the past."


Scroll below to see the Akpan's and Evans' riveting images. 

If you're interested in getting involved with or being featured in the "I'm Tired" project email the creators at or check out the project's FacebookTwitter and Tumblr pages.  


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