Sunday, March 31, 2013

Important Date - May 1st

Why is May 1st so important?

Solavei will start their New Compensation Plan . This is a very big deal.

The first thing they added was Stock Options, this alone could make you
thousands of dollars.

Second thing is there will be no breakage, what that means is you get paid
on everyone in your network. To make it simple all you do is count your
total network and divide by 3, thats what you get paid on.

Oh, in case you dont know what Solavei is, watch this 6 min Video !
Watch This Video

Our system works with any unlocked GSM phone, including iphones. You
can easily go to our website, go to the bottom and get instructions to see if
your phone will work with our system! You can also check to see if you
have coverage in your area!

This will get very large over the next few years so make sure you get
involved Now!